Monday, February 2, 2009

purists, avert your eyes.

whenever avocados and cucumbers are on sale at the same time i take it as a sign from the gods that it is time to make sushi.

typically we have california rolls in this house. these contain avocado, cucumber and fake crabmeat, wrapped in rice and nori. i've experimented with putting random leftovers in a roll, with varied results. the thai red curried tofu that was too hot to eat made delicious, interesting sushi. the spicy peanut sauce added interest to a plain-jane roll. the steamed broccoli did not.

this week i branched out even farther from the norm. i was making some delicious rolls for dinner and thought my son might like his own special sushi. he's usually happy to eat the rolls we're having, so long as they're small enough to fit in his mouth. (i omit the fake crabmeat since it's glutenny) but this week i thought i'd do something special for my boy.... hot dog* sushi.
one roll had avocado and hot dog, the other had hot dog and ketchup. he loved both equally. little weirdo.

*before you call me a hypocrite and a sell-out, let me explain the hot dog. yes, we eat only ethical meat. but the kid lost so much weight when he was sick in december that i doubled my fattening-up efforts. i've been buying him hot dogs because he loves them, and they take no prep. so i can grab one out of the fridge and let him shovel it down. i've also gotten the odd package of non-ethical bacon for him. i'm still fervently against factory farms, but i'm even more fervently for my son being a healthy weight.

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