Thursday, February 5, 2009

28 things about me

1. escalators make me nervous. regular stairs, too. i avoid them when possible.
2. i can lick my nose
3. i'm a certified jeweler
4. dairy, onions and peppers give me gas
5. i learned to read when i was 3
6. i don't know how to drive
7. my knee is semi-crippled.
8. my parents think i'm an evangelical christian
9. i'm agnostic, but i call myself a pastafarian because that's more fun (and means basically the same thing)
10. i endeavor to be better at photography. i read about it and practice lots.
11. ditto knitting.
12. i often struggle with the way my life is. this is nothing like what i had planned.
13. i'm very allergic to beestings
14. dragonflies terrify me
15. my belly fat is deeply embarrassing to me.
16. i accidentally killed a mouse when i was 7 and i still feel guilty
17. adopting a couple of girls would be a dream come true for me, but i don't think it will ever happen.
18. i spent a couple of years being severely depressed
19. i wanted to name my younger son jedi but my partner vetoed the idea.
20. i had a pet rat named snitch, but i only had her for two weeks. don't cosleep with rodents, yo.
21. sugar is my main vice. i don't really have any others.
22. well, and caffeine. but nothing else.
23. i only have a few friends in real life. my online social life is much more active.
24. i pronounce apricot ape-ricot, not app-ricot, to my partner's chagrin.
25. reading is much better than watching tv, in my opinion.
26. i know how to tango. badly, but still, i know the basics.
27. most of my undies are organic.
28. i normally use all owercase letters when typing because i'm not a capitalist.

any questions?


  1. my seeds have not come yet :( but my peat pellet things have and they are mocking me.

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