Wednesday, February 18, 2009

grossout contest winner

the contest is over, these are the entries:
  1. "Haggis - food with a heart!"
  2. "It's not a mineral, it's not a vegetable - must be an animal?"
  3. "Now with the right amount of squish!"
  4. "It comes in a can!"
  5. Haggis, The dinner to eat with a friend.
  6. Haggis, AN excuse to drink scotch
  7. Haggis the OTHER OTher white meat
  8. Haggis, Down home cooking for the down home family
  9. Haggis, the Heart of the party.
  10. Haggis: The heart of Scotland in a can
  11. A wee taste o' Scotland
  12. Haggis in a can: It don't get much better than this! (yes, the grammatical error is on purpose)
  13. Haggis, a step above roadkill
  14. Haggis, not even your mom would eat this.
  15. CANNED HAGGIS: Slightly less disgusting than a big pile of crap!
  16. Haggis: Naturally gluten free!
  17. Haggis - eat it at lunch and your mother in laws cooking will be greatly improved at dinner!
  18. Tasty, High Protein Snack!
  19. "Slow Cooked" in "Natural" grease!
  20. Also used as an industrial-strength cleaner!
  21. Won FIRST PRIZE at Milton Valley's Annual Science Fair!
i was surprised, relieved, and disappointed that no one went to the dark and strange world of offal/awful puns. it would have been so easy to say 'it's not awful, it's offal!' or something. but you all kept away from there. my readers are classy that way.

it was really hard to choose a winner. my favourites were 2,10, 19 and 21, but the people i've asked to help me choose kept saying that a different one was the best. honestly, i'd overlooked it. it's in with a bunch of them that all start the same, and my eyes skipped right over it. but the more i looked at it the more i liked it, and so i give you the winner:

Haggis, the Heart of the party.

maria, you
opted out of the actual contest, but i'm still going to send you a prize. i'll figure out what eventually. good job!

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