Friday, February 6, 2009

my seeds came!

i was just wondering what to blog about when my crazy mailman came with a yellow padded envelope of happiness for me. yay, mailman! naturally, i pulled out my seed collection (kept in the kitchen next to the vitamins, for easy access) and started obsessively shuffling through them like an 8 year old with baseball cards and a sugar rush.
i have:
  1. bull's blood beets
  2. early annie tomatoes
  3. hosta mix (loves shade, perrenial. i'm not going to plant these, so let me know if you want them)
  4. bison tomatoes
  5. purple dragon carrots (came free with this year's seed order!)
  6. golden bantam corn
  7. magic carpet snapdragon mix (i don't really plant flowers, so if you want these you can probably talk me out of them)
  8. jaune de doubs carrots
  9. arikara sundlowers (these don't count as flowers, since they make tasty food)
  10. german red strawberry tomatoes
  11. hungarian hot peppers (these don't grow well in my climate, i got one pepper from the plant last summer. granted, it was in a tomato's shadow, but still.)
  12. ring-of-fire cayenne (ditto these. one pepper per plant = not worth the space they take up)
  13. cherokee trail of tears black beans (my son calls these crying beans and they did very well. we finished the last of the beans we harvested in january. i'm not trading these since i'll need all i have to plant in the spring, but next year i'll set aside more for planting and swapping)
  14. blue pod capucijners peas (these are for guerrilla gardening. i like to plant peas all over the neighbourhood each spring. peas grow without much encouragement, climb things, look nice, and are edible. it's interesting to see which ones are left to thrive and which are uprooted right away)
  15. siberian home peppers (no picture, but these fantastic little peppers grow on a sturdy little tree in a pot, and produce year-round. i love gathering fresh hot peppers for my chili in february)
  16. sweet purple & yellow bell peppers (no pic, from a swap. i have no details aside from the name)
they're all either from a reputable seller of heirloom seeds, saved from last year's harvest, or from seed swaps. i'm up for swapping most of them, if anyone wants, and i'd happily give away the hosta and some of the snapdragons. leave me a comment with contact info and i'll get back to you.
note: i don't necessarily want more seeds if you have some other small thing to swap. try me, i'm easy. (like your mom)

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  1. *swoon* Soooo awesome... Why do I never remember to order these? Is it too late already? I don't know where my purple Cherokee tomato seeds are or I'd swap you those.