Sunday, February 24, 2008

oy vey, what a day

i already recounted the tale of my adventures last week; falling down the stairs, the hospital visit, and so on. but here is chapter two.

chapter two: incompetency in the hospital
i got a call this morning. the doctor i saw last week said that he had been looking at my x-rays and had noticed that i had a broken foot. could i please come in to get a cast?
so we dropped the boy off at the sitter's and went a-hospitallin'.
they showed me the x-ray. i'm not trained as, say, a DOCTOR or anything, but i could clearly see three broken bones. three broken bones that i'd been trying to walk on for the past week.
the doctor blamed the resident. the resident blamed the doctor. i politely nodded and thanked them and didn't make any waves. and inwardly detested myself for being a wuss.
a cool dude gave me my cast. he told me, among other things, that every x-ray taken is looked over by an x-ray specialist before it's filed or destroyed or whatever. so it wasn't even the crummy-ass doctor who spotted my break. although he told me he did.

but the cast is nice. i can walk fairly well in it. i wish i'd gotten it last week, though...

i wish this story ended here.

on the way home, a few blocks from the hospital, our beloved red jetta bit the dust. it suddenly made a noise like we'd driven over a mountain of styrofoam and stopped. my partner had to walk a long way to find a working payphone to call for help. the car was very cold in his absence. a friend came to get us. he knows about cars and took a look. he recommended that we start car shopping.

so that was my day. may none of you ever top it.

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