Thursday, February 7, 2008

mmmm, bread

everyone should make this bread.

it's easier than baking cookies, i swear. and the beer flavour is subtle and delicious. i want to experiment with using apricot beer and adding in bits of dried apricot. but even without additions and modifications this bread is freaking amazing.

although it wouldn't make good sandwich bread. and the loaf is on the small side. but eating the whole loaf while it's still hot from the oven, with butter...


  1. you're welcome. ;)

    I'm going to make some soon. I was thinking about making it with Sweetwater Blue and maybe adding some blueberries. But first I'll just try the simple recipe. What's the texture like?

  2. dense but not too dense. soft. ideal. i flove this bread.

  3. I made some and it was SOOOOOOOOOOO good. :drool

  4. This bread was fnawesome. I was going to eat one slice with butter when the bread was fresh from the oven, but one slice turned into two...two turned into was really good.