Tuesday, February 26, 2008

grey skies are gonna clear up

we were just offered a free car tonight. i haven't told my partner or the co-owners of the jetta yet. i will tomorrow. it's late and i'm so tired and sore and frustrated and stressed, but this amazing thing out of the blue lightens my mind a little.

i'm a little melancholy lately, since my babies seem to be in a huge rush to grow up. between the last paragraph and this one the baby stood up for a while, supporting himself, with my hands hovering under his, ready for when he wavered. he didn't need me for support or balance. he's been teething and working on crawling. his big brother is potty training and learning 50 000 new words a day. tonight he let me leave the room before he was asleep at bedtime. he called me back once so i could watch him close his eyes and actually fall asleep, but he wasn't scared of being alone or anything, he just likes having me there.
these boys need me less and less each day.

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