Thursday, February 21, 2008

a message from your friendly neighbourhood potential co-farmer

we have friends who have about 100 acres an hour or two from the city. they're still thinking about what they want to do with all this land, and looking for people to do something with them. we have been gazing longingly at farms online and dreaming of getting away from the city. it's incredible, how our hopes and dreams fit together so neatly.
we aren't about to sell the house and jump headlong into cofarming. what if we end up not getting along? what if it turns out that we hate rural life? so we're going to spend half the summer in a tent or trailer or something, on the farm. they have goats, chickens and a huge garden. we're discussing alpacas, bison, and hemp.
so right now i'm figuring out the logistics of where we sleep, what we eat, what we plant... this is all very exciting. i'll keep you posted.

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