Tuesday, February 12, 2008

me: are you cute?
him: no, i'm happy. happy birthday.
forgive the bad artwork, but i'm not posting pics of my son's bare arse online.

the boy is potty learnin'. so he spends most of his time with a bare ass and legwarmers. he's a funny little dude. that ^ exchange took place last night when i came across the kid reading a book and singing to himself.
he's really exploded lately into language. full sentences, nouns, adjectives, verbs... he's a ball of fun. and weird, weird associations. like the happy birthday thing. if anyone says anything with the word 'happy' or if he's content he'll announce 'happy birthday!!!' as if he were jumping out from behind the couch at a surprise party.
what a kid, i tell ya.

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