Thursday, February 28, 2008

a busy day

we didn't take the car. we've had enough hassles with old cars breaking down and costing a lot. but here's a breakdown of my busier-than-usual day.

1 am - went to bed after a rousing game of settlers. i haven't played it in at least a year and a half. i lost by a hair.
7 am - the boy was up so we were all up. spent the morning cleaning, decluttering, calling car dealerships, etc.
11 am - the co-owners of the former car came over with kids. kids fought over toys while we discussed seeds, gardening, etc. i found it all very exciting.
1 pm - the guy from the vw dealership picked us up. we took the baby and left the boy at home.
5 pm - left the dealership in our new (to us) '04 jetta, fully loaded. felt rich and spoiled, what with the heated seats and all. and the car was within our budget, after they cut us a deal.
6 pm - got home, dropped off the baby and left again. getting anywhere was slow, what with the blizzard and all. the dude's gut can't tolerate seafood, it seems, so we had a lot of conversations in the car about what to do if he had to poop right there and then. i forbade pooping in the new car and insisted that he could shit in the snow on the median if he had to. traffic was at a standstill so it's not like jumping out of the driver's seat would have been dangerous. it's when we have long conversations on these topics that i know i married the right man.
7 pm - saw U2 3D at the IMAX. it was freaking amazing. the 3D effects were... effective. at one point bono got right in my face and reached out to stroke my cheek and i flinched backwards, thinking 'hey, don't touch me!'.
8.30 pm - went to the vegan collective for a bite. had their incredible tofu. if i could cook tofu like that i'd never make anything else. we ran into a former roomate. she was snotty and distainful for a bit, but mellowed out. i'm so glad i don't live with her any more.
9.30 - got home and put the boy to bed. took a poo that was at least 3 inches thick, maybe 4. i left it in the toilet for the dude to see. he was duly impressed.
11.43 - hoping to go to bed soon. i've worked out a budget for the coming month and want the baby to get tired already.

tomorrow maybe i'll get to take a bath. it's been more than a week since i washed, thanks to the challenges presented by my cast. i really stink.

that is all.

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  1. Settlers...a game that has been known to contribute to sleep disorders. I too lost by a hair Friday night. Dang it!