Sunday, June 8, 2008

two things: an evening in pictures

my baby's current hobby is looking out the window. if i look around and don't see him i just assume he's crawled off to the bedroom to look out the window.
that makes me sound like a bad parent.
if it helps any, i often join him. i usually spend at least a couple of hours a day looking at traffic, pedestrians, trees, etc. right now it's especially exciting because of these.
i freaking love lilacs. they smell so great and brighten up even the ugliest corners of this ugly ghetto. life is better when the lilacs are out.

i was peacefully reading blogs (boobs,injuries & dr. pepper) when the boy called me to come look out the window and see 'kee-kats fighting!!!'. dumpster fires and catfights brighten my days, so of course i came. this is what i saw.
those cats are not fighting.

as a matter of fact, they've done the deed at least seven times since i took that picture. right now they're doing it right in the middle of the street. maybe they've been listening to the beatles. if they have, they were misled. someone is watching them. and taking pictures.

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    I love lilacs too. They don't last nearly long enough. =)