Monday, June 9, 2008

rainy day contest

it's raining. here's photographic evidence. my boys already love staring out the window, but the rain makes it even more mesmerizing. they've barely left the window all morning.
my cucumbers like the rain a little less. this is the second time in a week that they've been immersed. last time the planter was full to the very top with water by the time i bailed them out. i don't think they'll survive this again. i guess i'll just buy cukes when pickling time comes.
i have freaking water damage all over my freaking house because it freaking leaks every time it rains. my basement floods every time it rains. my windowsills drip. my walls get blisters full of water that the boys and i pop and then drywall-y water runs everywhere. it makes me want to sell the house and rent. but enough of my bitching.

i've noticed that other blogs have contests with prizes. stuff like gift cards. that ain't happening. but i do have a humiliating video of myself dancing, my boobs and belly flopping all over the place. i made it this morning in a fit of boredom. and i will award (read: email) it to whoever points me in the direction of a fantastic new blog that i haven't already seen.
leave the links in the comments section.



  2. You're hilarious. I don't think I know of any great blogs that you don't know of. I have only been looking mostly at blogs I found at DGM, and the others are already linked to on my blog, so no secret fabulous blogs I'm hiding from anyone. ;)