Sunday, June 8, 2008

hutterites do it better

this year the tomato seeds were started too late. and something is wrong with them. a bunch of them died, so i replaced them with seedlings from home depot. then the cutworm attacked and most of them died. i was feeling like an abject failure as a tomato gardener. so yesterday i went to the farmer's market to get my last seedlings before throwing in the towel. i met some wonderful hutterite* women who talked tomatoes with me and sold me some plants for practically nothing. hutterites are so cool. if it weren't for the sexism inherent in their culture and the religion, i'd join them in a heartbeat. alas.
my original seedlings look like this

one of the hutterite seedlings

* hutterites are halfway between the amish and the mennonites. they live communally and farm organically but use tractors and computers and whatnot


  1. I was planning on attempting tomatoes but after the trouble you had maybe that isnt the best idea! i spent my after noon in the kitchen trying to find out what i should attempt next..any ideas? this commercial just came on for a new show on NBC..i cant stop laughing..its called Celebrity Cirucs. I off topic but it looks sooo funny! They have the guy from the Brady Bunch attempting all this Cirque De Solie on on June 11th at 9:30 central if anyone wants to check it out

  2. My dad had a hard time getting his seedlings to start this year too! Usually we are drowning in tomatoes and even after giving tons away, the dog ends up eating them and the rest left on the ground to rot. My brother bought him some seedlings from Walmart and they are still not much bigger than when he got them. Mine are finally doing well, but I only have 2.