Wednesday, June 25, 2008

a milestone, i hope

15 feet away from me, on the other side of a wall, a little boy is going to sleep. by himself. without breastmilk. i hope.

a few times in his 2.75 years he's been tricked into falling asleep without nursing. for the past 3 nights i've managed it. so tonight as he was getting his pyjamas on we had a conversation about how boob is for babies and he's a boy and so he's too big. he's not sure about the whole thing, and wants his boob back, but overall he's taking it a lot better than he would have a month ago.

i think it's probably too much, asking him to both wean and put himself to sleep in the same night, but i don't seem to have an alternative. the baby is too wired to go to bed right now and i'm the only adult here. so i'll just keep going back for one more hug & kiss, then another snuggle, then a quick pep talk, then to refill his sippy cup...

see how little he is? he can't be almost 3 already, can he?


  1. Heehee, anybody would look small next to that enormous tree trunk!! Maybe I should stand next to it. He's such a little cutie.

  2. I weaned Micah much the same way, just a little older than your boy is now. It took pep talks and lots of hugs and a mutual understanding the the time for nursing had come to an end. So bittersweet...

    I can't believe I haven't lactated in a year.