Thursday, June 26, 2008

rabbits and ducks

i've yearned to be a homesteader for a long time. i read about it, plan for it, think about it... gardening and helping out at my friends' farm is all part of my urge to be a farmergirl. lately i've been fixated on the idea of raising rabbits for meat. i refuse to support the meat industry and so am mostly a vegetarian, and i'm not that thrilled with it. rabbits are incredibly cheap to feed, easy to kill and reproduce like rabbits. their meat is very healthy. so i've been researching getting a couple of mama rabbits and a daddy rabbit.
i've also been interested in ducks for eggs & meat. my city has laws against poultry, but none against fowl. they're supposed to be another of the easiest animals to breed & raise.
i was reading up on it today and came across a fun fact - rabbits and ducks can co-habitate! their diets and physical needs are fairly similar, they tend to get along... i'd need a big-ass pen for all my bunnies and duckies, but i could do that. they could live in the garage. or the basement. probably the garage.
so how do i convince my partner?


  1. Oh I love duck! Not so much the rabbits. I have read there is something about the meat that if you ate only that, you'd die of starvation. I suppose it's a good idea, and inexpensive as meat prices are crazy, but I would find it difficult to do the butchering myself. We buy organic beef from a farm where we know the cows are well treated and aren't given hormones or antibiotics. Maybe you can find a local source, and just get a big chest freezer to put in the garage to store it in.

  2. Oh, this is brilliant.
    I too fantasize about raising animals for meat... Although with me I dream of pigs...

    I'll have to stay posted to see how the butchering goes.