Monday, June 9, 2008

me so crafty

i've taken up knitting. i've made:
gloves with a mitten flap for my sister

a skull dishcloth for myself (with lots of holes and mistakes because i was learning how to knit in two colours)

and another skull dishcloth, this was my first-ever knitting project and it turned out ok, considering. nothing like my kickass mitts, though. obviously.

mismatched socks in ugly yarn. but they're mine and i made them so i wear them constantly.

that's it so far, but my skills are definitley developing. i've been turning a few ideas over in my mind, thinking of things i could sell on etsy. actually, i'm hoping to have all my ideas planned out and online by the end of july. i don't want to talk about it more specifically quite yet.

and what's this about only one entry in my contest? kara's going to win by default! enrich my online experience, people, and you could win a humiliating video!
the contest closes wednesday morning.


  1. I'll win that contest fair and square. Might as well send over the video now, hon.

    Your knitting looks fabulous, and I'd buy from your etsy store if my money wasn't worthless.

  2. I'd buy your stuff on Etsy, too. In fact, I went to Etsy yesterday and couldn't find any jewelry that even remotely compare to your's, and I refused to buy it.