Friday, November 30, 2007

slogging through a swamp of fetid molasses

we have:
a HUGE credit card bill to pay
a toilet that is leaking and destroying the floor
a shower surround that needs replacing before mid-january, along with most of the drywall behind it and around it to replace
an even HUGER car repair bill to pay

christmas coming soon and many gifts not yet gotten, let alone sent to their recipients
three rooms to at least partly furnish so the new roomate and her son don't have to sleep on the floor
and all the stresses of normal life with two babies, a marriage, regular bills to pay, work to be gotten done, housework to be avoided, etc.

today a friend borrowed the boy for a couple of hours so i could get caught up. i got a little bit done on xmas gifts and some laundry done, plus i picked up some of the piles of crap that appear around the house whenever i'm not looking. it was good to get those things done, but where did the rest of the time go? why is my life still chaos?
maybe i should fold laundry instead of whining about how nothing ever gets done around here. or make coffee. mmmm. coffee sounds good.

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