Tuesday, November 20, 2007

more ethical clothes

i just discovered a new, CANADIAN ethical clothing company. htnaturals is a vancouver company that sells bamboo, hemp and organic cotton clothing. i bought a shirt of theirs on saturday and it is madly sexy as well as very ethical. they get five stars from me. plus their clearance section on the website is really well priced.
i've been emailing with toby the sales rep about running a co-op for better prices on their stuff for my friends and i, and i complained about their lack of plus-sized items. here is what toby said.

We are a small gorwing company, so while we would like to offer a broader array of colours and sizes, we are a bit limited in being able to take all of this on at once. Our men's sizing extends up to XXL, and our women's sizing to XL, but we'd certainly like to do more.
You might want to check with Continental T-shirts as they make Organic Cotton and Bamboo shirts, and I believe that their sizing extends to XXXL (men's) and XXL (women's). Another option would be to try Bamboosa
continental sells regular clothes as well as organic cotton/ bamboo clothes, which is ok but not as cool as being 100% environmentally friendly. i'm a little biased towards them because the male model here is freaking HOT. their prices are not listed but they seem to have some really nice stuff.
bamboosa looks great, but pricey. 22$ for a tank top and 28$ for a hooded baby bath towel? not terrible, but not great. at least they're usa made and very environmentally friendly. but they're clothes aren't super stylish or interesting. i can find organic, ethical plain, boxy t-shirts for less elsewhere. i don't think i'll be buying from them.

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