Friday, November 9, 2007

ethical undies

for some reason i'm huge into not harming anyone else or the planet just so i can have stuff. silly, isn't it? so my choices are fairly limited. thrift stores are ok, but i hate thrift shopping. it takes forever to find anything. i'd rather just thrift for the babies, who are easy to shop for. in case you're interested, here's a list of what i get where.
  • i get my t shirts & long sleeve shirts at, where organic cotton, sweatshop-free shirts are 12-14 $.
  • i'm currently sporting no sweat hemp hi-tops on my feet, but
  • i think my next shoes will be simples.
  • winter boots and coats are a lot harder to locate, but i have a few years until i need to worry about replacing my current ones. i haven't yet found good, affordable, ethical pants yet, or socks. the sock thing is going to become an issue in the coming year.
  • but for underwear i've found the answer.
sooner or later i'm going to get tired of only buying very specific items from very specific retailers, but hopefully by then i have more choices.

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