Tuesday, November 27, 2007

money and hair

so today:

the huge-ass credit card bill came. it included such expenses as our flights to toronto for xmas and the repairs we did on the upstairs bathroom recently.
i noticed that the main floor toilet is leaking all over the basement floor. fortunately that part of the basement is unfinished, but we still need to replace the toilet asap.
we got the repair bill for the car - more than three times what we had budgeted, but if we leave it, the repairs will only get more costly and it will be dangerous to drive.

if these things were staggered out over a few months we could handle them. it would suck, but we could do it. instead, we're about ten grand in the hold, about to owe more. so maybe i won't spend a few hundred dollars on my hair, after all. i have two options, hair-wise, at this point. i can:

  • get my friends to dread my hair and hope for the best
  • cut my hair off and hope for the best.

my friends might give me awful dreads. they take lots of time and are hard work, i don't want to coerce them into making dreads that i might just cut off right away. on the other hand, cutting all my hair off means i may look like a chia pet for a long time. i have really thick hair that sometimes looks bloody awful short. i can't just leave my hair as it is, i find it incredibly annoying and it's forming messy, ugly dreads on its own.

i'm leaning towards cutting it all off.

i'll post pics, either way.

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