Saturday, March 21, 2009

spring equinox

what more auspicious day for starting seeds could there be than the spring equinox? and who better could there be to do it with than my little guy?
he's so great. he took it all so seriously. he held his breath and bit his lower lip while he poked holes in the soil for the seeds. he was so, so careful to get the seeds in the right spots. when i watered the tray he kept warning me against overwatering and pointing out the plants that didn't get enough.

my young padwan has done well.

on your left are three types of tomato (bison, early annie and german strawberry) and on your right are four types of pepper (cayenne, siberian home, hungarian hot and yellow & purple bell) there are two seeds in seperate spots in each container, and the one that grows the fastest & biggest will be the one that i don't uproot and chuck as soon as there looks like there's any competition for light or root space. the tray now has a clear plastic dome and is occupying a sunny window where the kids can't reach.

spring is officially here and i can feel it - there are seeds germinating!


  1. Oh, so cruel! I can't thin and chuck. I always end up having a bazillion babies that I give away, because I'm too much of a wuss to just chuck them.

    I now have another reason to have children! I need lots of help starting seeds every year. :)

  2. Thanks for entering again and adding Musings to your RSS! You have two additional entries now. GOOD LUCK!