Sunday, March 8, 2009

disappointment is...

when i was a kid, when there was something i really wanted that was beyond my allowance (fifty cents a week until i was in my teens, then two dollars a week. but in a small town there isn't much to buy) i was told to go roll the coins in the change bucket. my efforts generally rewarded me with enough rolled small change to buy whatever lego set or scrunchie had caught my eye.

i've been quietly yearning for a magical windfall that would enable me to go to my friend's wedding this spring. trips to florida aren't cheap, though, and even if i had the money i'd need a passport, which i don't have. disregarding those irritating details, i decided to go begging from my sugar daddy of yore - the penny jar.two canadian dollars. 1.55 american dollars. i don't think i'll be visiting the sunshine state this year.

although the coppers and browns in the penny rolls are really pretty. can someone find me a sock yarn in those colours? pretty, penny-coloured socks might soothe my aching soul.


  1. would this work?

  2. I remember rolling coins as a kid... I actually just did that about a year ago and probably need to do it again as the piggy bank (yes, I still have one!) is getting very full. I'm sorry you can't go to your friend's wedding though! :(