Tuesday, March 3, 2009

person review: beckie

this evening i went for cake with my friend beckie. on the ride home she told me i should blog about it, so here i am.

we ate:
hazlenut meringue
hazelnut buttercream, whipped cream, hazelnutty meringue... it was like sitting in front of a crackling fire with brilliant, sympathetic friends and the stars glimmering above, but in my mouth. sweet but not saccharine, light but not dry, tasty but not overwhelming.

we knit and talked and looked around and talked and ate and talked and knit some more and talked. we talked about our lives, sex, the cute, mohawked server's excellent ass, our families, knitting, sex, that guy over there with the beautiful, expressive face, the cake, sex, the couples cuddling at almost every table, her work, that guy over there, sex...

the company trumped the cake, easily.

unsurprisingly, an evening spent with an old friend with whom inhibitions and reservations have long ago been shed is wonderful. old friendships fit sweatpants. i love sitting and knitting with a woman who agrees with me that the man over by the wall has perfect arms.
bek gets ten out of ten for proving definitively that friendship is the best thing going.(sorry for the sappy post, but i'm all blissed out right now. i'll be all witty and clever another day.)

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  1. that was an absolutely flovely post and I am very glad you got to eat cake, ogle cute men, knit, and chat with great company.