Monday, March 23, 2009

money well spent

i have the world's best thrift store a few blocks away, and i visit it as often as i can. if they had customer loyalty points i'd be set. anyways, today i scored in a phenomenal way.see? even batman* likes it. i like it, too. knitting in a chair with no arms is marvelous. plus it looks's like winning the lottery, getting a vintage armless armchair for 15$. surely the sweetest deal, ever. i also got a more traditional armchair for another 15$, and they're both incredibly comfortable.

*not relevant to this post, but in the picture and potentially making you scratch your head in bewilderment: my kids use rolled up, taped together flyers as light sabers. i don't allow toy weapons in the house, but i can't forbid everything that can be used as a weapon. flyers are free and don't hurt when they fight with them, so i can live with that. but i think i'm one of the only people whose kids get all giddy on flyer day.

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