Monday, January 26, 2009

sockly lessons learned.

i'm finally finished knitting my hedera. they took all month. i hate learning experiences. why can't complicated skills be easier to learn? the way they do it on the matrix looks convenient. can you imagine the knitting equivalent of this?

those would be some kickass socks, i tell you.

while knitting these socks i learned a thing or two. three things, to be precise.
1. pay attention, especially if you're knitting lace or deviating from the pattern. if you forget where you are but keep knitting, bad things happen. holes and blank sections in the pattern and holes and uneven parts and holes. and holes. 2. don't try two new things at the same time. if you're knitting your first lace socks, don't clutter up your thought processes by making them your first toe-up socks, as well. pick one new skill per project. after realizing that you're in way over your head, if you decide to spontaneously modify the pattern, you're an idiot.
3. just because you get bored doesn't mean you can stop, even if you're going out of your skull and can't bear another 4-row repeat of this damned lace pattern. keep going or the unfinished socks will haunt you from the bottom of the bin where you hid them. just buckle down and do it. and maybe make them shorter than you had originally planned, by a few inches. you know, for mental health's sake.

today i'm starting some straightforward, easy socks. ones in bulkier yarn so they knit up quickly. ones that i don't have to look at while i work on. ski socks for my dad's birthday, even. i can't wait. bring on the ridiculously simple!

nora, these are for you if you want them, llama llove. i don't know if they'll fit, but i made them in your foot size, i think.


  1. 1. You give fnawesome knitting advice.
    2. Nora isn't going to want those socks after they've been on your feet. Ew. Seriously. Now, hand them over to me.

  2. SERIOUSLY????? omigod lady, they're flippin' gorgeous!!!!! if you're sure you want to give them up, i'll most definitely take them. because you're sexy and hot and your knitting flippin' rocks!!!!! and i think your feet are hot too, so daffodyllic needs to back off!! ;)
    oh, and you give REALLY good knitting advice. which i should have read before starting on a lace patterned blanket for someone....considering that i've never knitted a lace patterned anything.
    i flove you!!!! <3

  3. haha, I wish knitting would by like The Matrix. Totally awesome!

    Oh and I totally agree with your three tips. Totally.

  4. I agree with your lessons learned. I now only do one lace project at a time.