Saturday, January 17, 2009

how to be a square and a heel

i'm not happy with the socks i'm making. these are my reasons.

the foot of the sock is really narrow. i have high arches and suspect that these socks won't fit around my feet comfortably. i'm not making them for me, but i don't think they'll fit anyone. they're pretty, though.

i'm trying out a new heel. it's a bitch. first i did it wrong and it looked like this:
see the little flap on the right side of the needles? that's supposed to be the heel. do you know anyone with a flat, tapering growth on the back of their heel?
this shows the growth better. it looks like something vaguely obscene to me. a sock's private part. anyways, i tore it out. i hate undoing what i've knit, normally i just keep going and live with a flawed knit object. but this particular flaw would make the sock unwearable. i heaved a sigh and tore it out.

after the first heel i followed the instructions religiously. there was no way i was going to redo these babies more than once. but the pattern (lifestyle toe-up instructions) betrayed me. see, socks are supposed to have a gusset to make them foot-shaped. a triangle of fabric that helps them fit better. (it's the lightened part of the purple sock) the peach sock is more like a 90 degree angle in a pipe. now look at your foot. does it look like a pipe elbow to you? yes? i've got some socks for you!
so i'll finish the socks, because i can't not finish, but i'm not using the toe-up method again. not until these instructions apologze and make amends.

i hope the intended recipient has bizarrely shaped feet she's never told me about.


in other news, my non-condom hat is progressing. i like the colour and the texture and all that. but my friend pointed out yesterday that i have a green coat, green boots and i often wear green pants. now i feel torn about my cool green hat. maybe i should branch out a little, colour-wise.

anyways, i had an idea, inspired by this from craft:. it's headphones built into headwear. personally, i hate trying to keep my earbuds in my ears when i'm wearing a toque. they only stay if i hold very still. annoying. this hat will have earflaps and be lined with microfleece, with an old pair of headphones built in. the wire can go inside the cord that dangles from an earflap. what could be better?

off to a protest then for some food. have a great day, peeps!


  1. When I knit sox toe-up I make a heel flap, turn the heel and work a gusset. It makes more sense to me to have the thick part (the heel flap) under the foot than behind it anyway!

    Don't give up on toe-up :)

  2. I bet once you block the socks, the heel will open up to foot shape. It looks like an afterthought heel, which is done like another toe portion where the heel usually is.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, so that I could discover yours. :-)

  3. Go green! Besides, the hat is a green MULTI so it doesn't really fall into the 'just green' category. With all that green do you really want a hat that is blue or red? Nah.

    You'll look great, and coordinated, too!

  4. 1. i have a weirdly-shaped foot. just sayin'
    2. green is the new black dontcha know
    3. i love it when you post pictures of our friendship (e.g. the infamous purple corn sock)

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  6. Okay, I hate to say it, but I know someone with a big growth on the back of her heel that would love that sock! Before you get grossed out, it's not me and it's from surgery. My mom fell off the top of a tall ladder (Painting the ceiling with socks on) and she basically exploded her whole heel, rocket blasting bone chucks through her whole foot.

    The result? A bionic heel! It left her with like one normal size 8.5 shoe and one size 11 shoe from this bolt that she has in the back of her heel! (She's fine now and she shouldn't have been painting a cathedral ceiling with socks on. Silly mommy.)