Sunday, January 25, 2009

product review: honey nut cheerios

here's a product review to make up for yesterday's silliness. this review will be short, positive, and unsullied my photographic nonsense.

i really like honey nut cheerios. i only eat them a couple of times a year, thanks to the whole not-buying-milk thing, but when we have both milk and cereal and the stars are aligned, i can't get enough of their sweet, crunchy-then-soggy goodness. soluble fibre, artificial nut flavouring... what more does a cereal need? the excessive sweetness makes the roof of my mouth go numb for a while, each time i consume a bowl. plus i'm lactose intolerant so my forays into the world of cereal-eating always result in serious, toxic gas.

i don't like other types of cheerios, or other types of cereal, or most breakfast foods, even. but honey nut cheerios are special.

i'd go on for longer about the merits of my treasured oaty o's of goodness, but we have milk and honey nut cheerios in the house, so i can't stay in any one spot for too long. the fumes emanating from my ass get to me.

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  1. cheerios gives me gas. I don't eat 'em. My awful breakfast cereal indulgence? Fruit Loops. Oh yeah. Now those are tasty and will give you diabetic shock in under 60 seconds. But they give me gas too. Most breakfast cereal does. Ah well.

  2. try Froot Loops with eggnog. best shit ever.
    cereal don't give me no gas. you girls are gross

  3. fruit loops will also give you green shit... along with captain crunch, fruity pebbles, trix, and any of those lovely multi-colored breakfast cereals.