Wednesday, January 14, 2009

about a boy (or two)

this morning i'm really frustrated with my kids, so i'm going to ignore them while i post positive things about them. when my attitude has been improved by all this positivity i'll go interact with them again and hopefully not want to kill them any more.
(just so you know, they're merrily munching chunks of cheddar cheese while i sit and stare at this screen. they aren't starting fires or harming each other at the moment)

lately my boys have been blossoming, creatively. the baby has started being interested in drawing, the boy has been making up stories, and both of them are brimming over with silliness. for example, a few days ago the boy told me that his feet can't cry because they don't have eyes or a mouth. out came the jiffy marker, then out came the camera. the kids spent the rest of the day making their feet interact. (the boy wanted sad feet so i made the baby's feet happy to balance things out)

they've both been really into playing pretend, these days. my boy didn't play pretend when he was 1.5, but he didn't have a big brother to imitate and emulate. they are most frequently jedi, sith, spidermen or supermen, but they also become gollums, treebeards, puppies, trains, tiggers... yeah. they pretend a lot. and they're really into costumes. they have a variety of cool hats, and a couple of masks. today they were the dark knight and a panda.

they don't actually play in the masks, since they can't see anything, but that's better for me. i only ever get blurry shots when they're jumping around with invisible lightsabers, fighting the forces of evil. (or good)

in case this post wasn't cute enough for you, my boy came up to me after breakfast and said,

"jar jar binks is in a movie, not some peoples' boobs"

i asked him to repeat himself a few times to make sure he'd really said something so incredibly random, and yes, that's what he said. so in case you're wondering....

"jar jar binks is in a movie, not some peoples' boobs"


i want some better code names for my sons. i can't keep blogging about 'the boy' and 'they baby', since the baby is almost done with babyhood and often does some very boylike things. i could call them 'the monkey' and 'the puppy', but i think cute animal comparisons are overdone, when it comes to little kids. i could use their initals (jad and ez-d) or... ideas?

ok, i'm ready to go play nice.

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  1. I vote jad and ez-d because it makes them sound like hip-hop artists, only much much cooler.