Friday, May 30, 2008

help, please.

i am going to be a bridesmaid next spring. one of my oldest friends is getting hitched . the wedding is far, far away so i need to pick the dress this july, get it fitted and still have it fit in april. july is too soon for me to have time to loose my tummy pudge.

so some help here, people. i have honkin' huge boobs (an H cup!!) and a gut that is pretty much always visible. so i need something that works with those. these are the designs i favour. my choices may change entirely when i'm actually in the store, but for now this is it: (all of these will be in brown)dress 1. the scarf-y thing might hide the gut... or would it accent it? i like the straps.

dress 2: on the right. the empire waist will either hide the gut or make me look pregnant, i don't know which until i try it. but with this one i can lose the gut by april without having to get the dress resized in the spring.

dress 3: thoughts?

dress 4: the one on the right. it looks like the dresses i wore to church when i was 10. but it could work.
that is all.


  1. Hmmm they're all nice, and would do well to hide your "gut" (seriously woman, if you have a gut then I have a whole goddamned beach-ball sized globe inside my abdomen), but the first one would probably be better when you consider your hooters. You'll want straps that will actually help to keep all your sexy boobage in place.
    Happy now, my love???

  2. Hello! I'll thumbwrestle you for Reggie.. :-)

    And, I like #1 or #2. When I was trying on wedding dresses they said that if you have areas where you have "more" flesh, there should be "less" dress on them.

  3. You don't know me (visiting from MDC) but I say #1 for sure. I have giant boobs too and you NEED the straps. Strapless bras NEVER work for crazy big boobs like ours. Oh, and IME empire waist dresses tend to make me look pregnant instead of hiding my belly, but it could work better for you. :)