Tuesday, May 27, 2008

the bread robot conquers

the bread robot came.
the bread robot saw.
the bread robot conquered.

the bread robot kicked ass.

most people never have to encounter gluten free bread, but your typical loaf of gf bread is very dense, crumbly, hard, and at least 7$ a loaf. i don't buy it because i wouldn't pay that much for the best bread in the world, let alone that crap.
i heard legends about a breadmaker that had a gluten free setting. they said it made better bread than what you can get in the store. it also costs an arm and a leg. but it turns out that i had a zillion reward miles built up and one of the possible rewards was this fancy-assed breadmaker. so now i have about four reward miles and a bread robot.
and the bread is amazing.
ok, it's sort of spongy and tastes odd, but for gluten free bread that's breaderiffic. it's breadtastic.and the boy is eating his first-ever peanut butter sandwich.

oh, the name: the french on the box translates 'breadmaker' as 'robot-boulanger'. and the bread robot is so shiny and metallic and makes such cool noises... it's definitley a bread robot.

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