Saturday, May 31, 2008

going away

the boy has been purely evil for a week straight. i suspect he's bored. previous to this week we'd been outside lots, doing stuff. but it's been rainy so we've been cooped up and he's making me want to kill him.
tomorrow i'm going out to the farm for a week. i'll still be alone with the babes, but with more to do. and the family that lives out there will be around. we'll be living in a tent, but the kid can wear himself out chasing chickens and goats.
so tonight i'm prepping a week worth of meals for while we're gone. seven breakfasts, seven lunches and seven dinners, plus snacks. and clothes. and diapers.
i really hope this works out.
i'll keep a journal and take lots of pictures so you'll get a super duper post upon my return. mark your calendars.

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