Thursday, May 1, 2008

feliz the happy hen

years ago, when i was young and carefree, i lived in a dirt-poor village in rural mexico. i got myself a pet chicken for eggs and companionship. i named her feliz and carried her around, tucked under my arm, everywhere i went.
the village where i lived had tons of crazy, backwards superstitions. one of them was that chickens couldn't lay eggs without roosters around. total bollocks. they thought i was an idiot for having a laying hen with no rooster. each day a herd of kids would show up where i lived, asking if feliz had laid an egg. every day she came through for me. the locals decided that my chicken must be magical. they seriously thought she was special or blessed or something, laying eggs like that.
when i left to come back to canada i gave feliz to a family i was friends with.this is them.

when i left they were all excited. they had huge plans for getting feliz to reproduce and have a whole flock of magical chicks - without the help of a rooster.


  1. that was one of the sweetest things I have ever read. I love the picture, too. Makes me miss Mexico... (poor feliz)

  2. I wonder if I could get a pet cow. Nice chicken.

  3. What an interesting story and that's a cute little family there. I hope they had lots of magical chickens!!

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