Sunday, May 25, 2008

alphaghetti memories

one year when i was 15 or 16 i went to san diego (from canada) with nothing but two sarongs, a bathing suit, a guitar, a can opener, a fork and a case of alphaghetti.
yes, a case of it. seriously.
i slept on the beach (one sarong as clothes, the other as a blanket) swam all day, sat around bonfires all night, and lived on alphaghetti. the corners of my mouth cracked and bled from the godawful canned spaghetti. but i had a great time. i may be married and respectable these days, but my heart still secretly belongs to the surfers that shared their burritos and beer with me.


  1. If I had a can of alphagetti, I'd use it to spell U R CUTE. This is my favorite blog post ever.

  2. I wish I had stories like this one to tell about the times before I became a mother. You are brave, and amazing, and....


  3. I love that spaghetti!

    I would love to see your blog listed at

  4. Yeah, what Kara said. Awesomeness.