Tuesday, January 1, 2008


in the past year:

i worked 2 full time jobs while pregnant.
i quit the jobs because the boy was too sick to stay in daycare.
i supported the 3 of us on two shifts a week while pregnant.
i threw up in the grocery store.
we figured out that the boy is a celiac and put him on a gluten free diet.
we went to the west coast to see family and friends.
we depended on the food bank.
i started working more when i was 6 months pregnant.
my partner dropped out of massage school.
my father has visited.
we have given away a car.
we have bought a car.
i went on mat leave.
my baby was born.
we planned on selling the house and moving to the west coast then changed our minds.
my mother has visited.
the baby had emergency surgery for a pyloric stenosis.
my inlaws have visited.
my partner had... (counting on fingers) at least 8 different jobs.
my boy turned 2.
i realized that i am not a christian and stopped calling myself one.
i decided what to be when i grow up.
we visited the inlaws for the holidays
i met up with a bunch of friends from online and had a blast

a busy year.

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  1. Wow. That was much more eventful than my past year.