Friday, January 11, 2008

dr phil's fantastic fantasy life

i was reading about doctor phil barging in on britney spears while she was staying in a psych ward, getting evaluated. i'm not going to comment on any of that, all the tabloids and gossip blogs are doing it for me. but here's the part i find interesting:

picture it - balding, pot-bellied dr. phil, breezing down a los angeles freeway in an overpriced car, on his way to shoot a few of his one-line fix-alls, have britney realize the error in her ways and straighten up right away. he must have been thinking about which of his catchphrases would be most effective in this situation. he was probably looking forward to all the gratitude and attention he would receive for fixing such a complicated situation so quickly.

then he arrives and she tells him to piss off. so he follows her out to the car. she drives away and millions of people think he's a jerk for intruding where he isn't wanted.

i just really want a transcript of his thoughts as he drove to the hospital.

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