Monday, January 21, 2008

glumly puttering along

i've been pretty depressed lately. partly it's the sleep deprivation, partly it's the weather...
i'm trying to apply to graphic design school. but the requirements are insane. there is a whole booklet that i have to follow, with a whole pile of assignments for my portfolio. they're all very specific and very, very complicated. it would take at least 50 hours to complete all the drawing assignments, without even looking at the written ones. i have about a month to get it all done.
and even if i did get everything done in time and made it into the program, is the intensity of the list of requirements for admission similar to the daily demands of the program? i'd end up dropping out after a few weeks in that case. i'm no superwoman and i can't deprive my kids of the attention they deserve... i don't want too unbalanced a life.

so if not graphic design school, what? should i take welding? buy a little farm and grow hemp? go work for the government?

i don't want to be a stay-at-home mama, though. it's not particularly fulfilling as a long term thing.

back to figuring out my vocation...


  1. How well I understand. It's why I've put off grad school for years now. I wish there was some easy way of determining a good career that doesn't take too much time away from younglings, is rewarding, and provides financial stability.

  2. I'll be your sugar mama....

    I love you mybear. I do. And I wish that an easy answer would just fall into all our laps. Please let me know if I can do anything. Have you thought about persuing jewelry? You have a real eye for it...