Tuesday, August 12, 2008


we have rabbits! three of them. phyllis and gladys are new zealand whites and french fry is a flemish giant. phyllis and gladys are pregnant, due any day now. french fry isn't the father this time, but he will be soon. here are pictures.

french fry has a 'love toy'. he's right next to the ladies but can't get to them, and my partner feels bad for him. i don't particularly think that mr. fry is experiencing sexual frustration, but whatever. so my kids' fish stuffie, boromir the asshole*, shares french fry's living quarters. boromir gets bunny snuggles pretty constantly but no bunny lovins'.

phyllis (on the right) and gladys (on the left) are knocked up. they spend their time chillin', ignoring french fry. my boy would gladly spend all day pushing bits of grass and leaves through the wire cage, trying to get the greenery to land on the rabbits. phyllis is his victim in this picture. if this were a video you'd hear peals of delighted laughter. my son managed to get the leaf to land on the huge rabbit (in repose)
hey, cheap entertainment! and meat!

* boromir the asshole has a fellow fish stuffie, faramir the hottie. three guesses who named them.


  1. That's so cool! My DD is begging for a bunny.

  2. My father raised rabbits for years, and only just recently cut back to two from, like, 25! We used to eat them (beer braised rabit stew over garlic mashed potatoes...totally comfort food for me), and he showed them too.

  3. You are planning to eat the babies, right?

  4. I can't believe you NAMED bunnies that you are going to SHUCK.

  5. yes, i'm going to eat the babies. we named the mamas and the daddy, we're not naming the young. if we ate the parents we wouldn't get more bunnies. but these three are here to stay (until they stop reproducing)