Wednesday, August 27, 2008

cuteness overload

i should have waited one more day to post the rabbit saga. this morning one of phyllis' young was out of the nesting box for the first time, hopping around, smelling things and looking at things. i took pics of the unbearable cuteness then put it back in the box.
my boy is mostly potty trained. he wears underwear (but no pants) around the house. he's stayed dry at night twice. i think what made the difference was switching from raisins to gummi bears as a reward for using the potty. i know i prefer sugar as a reward. this morning he was wearing this:
don't you hate it when your underpants get caught on your legwarmers when you're pulling them down to pee, then you need to hold your superman cape up so it doesn't get in the potty, but it's hard to see because of your batman mask? i know it's a problem for me....

oh, and the heart is drawn on with marker. we were talking about internal organs and their locations. that was more than a week ago. he's had me redraw it every day since then. are there any health hazards associated with being drawn on with permanent marker?


  1. Super Spider Man is wicked cool. My son is 15 (and potty trained, I might add lol), but when he was this guy's size he had a batman mask, cape and bracers that he wore religiously around our house. He sped around announcing his presence with a "Du Ta Da Daaaa!" and flying into trouble wherever he went!
    Thanks for the picture...that brought back a lot of fun memories~!

  2. Oh my, I don't know which is cuter, your little bunnies or your little super hero!

  3. i thought this was about a bunnie