Thursday, June 4, 2009

according to facebook quizzes:

i will get married when i'm 19
(i was 20)
my marriage will last forever
(um, no. but 6 years is forever when you're 3, right? so it depends on perspective, maybe)
i should marry johnny depp
(HELL, YEAH. although marriage isn't actually what i think about when i think of him)
if i am an 80's tv character, i am punky brewster
(sure beats alf)
i should have 3 kids
if i am a cheese, i am brie
(Your personality is rich and classy, with an exterior that some may find daunting to stomach, but is well worth the discomfort once they get to know you. You have expensive taste, but not flashy at first glance. You are much better once the atmosphere has warmed up a bit. Strong yet gentle, it takes a distinctive person to appreciate you.)
i'm really 22 years old

ok, that's enough for now. a girl can only take so much self-revelation before lunch.


  1. I'm a closet facebook quiz taker, myself. I hide all my notifications and pretend that they are all rubbish. But I, too, should marry Johnny Depp and have three children. Don't know about the cheese yet...

  2. Hey, according to Facebook, I am a Neutral Good Indian who is 100% in love and should most to South Dakota.