Friday, December 12, 2008

holiday music extravaganza

until recently i hated the holidays. they sucked when i was a kid, so i have very few positive memories of christmas. i've dreaded the expense, the fuss, the disappointment... overall i've just wished that december didn't happen.

i don't want that for my kids. i want them to love the holidays and to remember them as the best time, ever, when they're older. so i've had to get over my christmas-related negativity and get into the spirit. i may have gone overboard. it's been nonstop holiday cheer here since december 1, and i've been planning since october. a homemade advent calendar, daily holiday activities, a mountain of recipes for gluten free cookies...

and music. the christmas music starts each morning around 9 and doesn't stop until the babes go to bed. i've tried to have the longest, most diverse playlist possible to avoid holiday music fatigue, but i'm pretty sick of it already. i feel like i'm trapped in a mall in december. i need to add in some new stuff and mix it up.

i have:
  • joy electric (synth-pop-techno, irritatingly and unrelentingly cheerful)
  • boney m
  • the vienna boys' choir
  • the ramones
  • jack johnson
  • frank sinatra
  • the mormon tabernacle choir
  • otis redding
  • john lennon
  • nat king cole
  • some big band stuff
  • and i'm downloading some sufjan stevens on the recommendation of soulemama

what else can i add? mama needs a change, babies!


  1. Amy Grant. Alan Jackson. I know it sounds corney. But there's something about country and Xmas.

  2. Nothing makes me more happy than James Brown - Soulful Christmas.
    Except maybe the Jackson 5 singing Up on the Housetop or Christmas won't be the Same this year.
    And Phil Spector's Xmas album from the 60s is the SHIT.
    I find that if I avoid Xmas tunes until late December, I still enjoy listening to it when the big day finally comes around...
    I just found this holiday mix online - some of it looks pretty fun: