Tuesday, April 1, 2008

homemade fugliness

i haven't posted much lately. i've been starting seedlings, cooking, budgeting, doing the usual childcare, and sock knitting. yup! it's ugly, but it's mine! and it keeps growing! it might even be done soon! and i'm in love with the process that brought it about! (ok, so that's a lot of exclamation marks and i'm making my sock sound like an ugly baby. but i'm so proud!)

in other news, the boy is walking around saying 'peace out, bro!' with the appropriate hand gestures. he also chants 'rock the casbah! rock the casbah!' at regular intervals. i'm mighty fond of him. the baby is teething and crawling and pulling himself up on things. he gets up and can't figure out how to get down, so he falls and cries. and he has a mighty big bum.

that is all.


  1. the socks looks fantastic! I'd be proud, too. Also, your son's are adorable. The end.

  2. Good for you for knitting some socks! I actually took up knitting myself back right before Christmas. I decided one day I wanted to learn how so I went and bought a set of needles and some yarn and looked up how to do it on YouTube because I was too cheap to buy a book. Turns out there are step by step videos and I can actually do it! I'm working on an afgan. I'm lazy so it's only about two inches wide right now. I'll check back to see your progress!!