Tuesday, March 11, 2008

sick of it.

being in a cast sucked. for the first little while it was nice to be able to walk again, but the charm quickly wore off. last week i said 'FUCK THIS SHIT!!!*', got out some scissors, and spent five hours removing my cast.

*it is interesting to note that the euphemistic version of 'fuck this shit' is 'have sex with this poop'.


  1. Ouch! Hope your leg doesn't hurt any more or anything. Yikes.

    RYC: I've seen cuttable produce, but I'm not that talented, at least not yet. ;) Closest I've gotten is the corn cob and banana that come out of the peel/husk. I've seen these (http://5.pro.tok2.com/~mic/sub/fruit.html), but still think I'm a ways from being able to successfully do that. I can try experimenting at some point, but first I've got a new baby and garden to deal with this summer.
    What kinds of things can your kiddo eat? I am giggling a bit about your cheese comment, but still. :) I could do rice crackers... similar to my tomato slices? Like a little bigger, an ivory color and just little dots where the baking holes would be? I could definitely do whatever we can come up with, as long as I can actually put it together.

  2. Actual conversation from that night:

    "Take this part, pull it MORE. Oooh, that was a good one."

    "I'm almost there, just a little bit more!"

    "HaHA, I'm almost free; I'm going to take over the FUCKING WORLD!"

    It was definitely a fun night. Even though there was little to no booze involved.