Saturday, May 16, 2009

pardon me while i uncross my eyes

did you know that human physical characteristics, as those of other organisms, are predominantly determined by the protein composition of body cells and tissues and enzymes and other secretions that they produce? or that if we consider all 23 chromosome pairs and the further complications of recombination during meiosis, we can predict that one individual can generate thousands of different combinations?

i didn't.

did you care?

i don't.

i remember liking the elegant logic of mendel and his peas when i was in high school. crossbreeding green and yellow peas, seeing what colour their offspring would be - it was straightforward and, to my mind, interesting. but protein synthesis, alleles, amino acids? no thanks. ugh.

the kicker is that this is all for my anthropology class. physical anthropology, though. i don't get to take cultural anthro until i finish this class. it's like the university is trying to scare people away from an interesting subject by making the intro class as tedious as possible. i'd much rather be flipping through old national geographics, looking for saggy-breasted women to make collages with. i'll do that another semester, i guess.

tonight i'll read another chapter from that godawful text, tomorrow after work i'll read one more then write a paper on all of it while it's still fresh in my mind. then i need to read two chapters from my counselling text (less dry, but very repetitive) and write something on them. it's a good thing that i have no work or kids on monday. i guess.


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