Friday, September 12, 2008

a change of plans

last night was brutal. that baby just doesn't sleep. so i woke up in a fog and a funk and a slump, with a sore throat to boot. and i dragged my sorry ass to do my morning check of my fave blogs.

and it's christmas in the blogosphere!

usually i get two or three new posts to read, and of those maybe one will really make me laugh or move me or whatever.

this morning?



(related to journeymama) fly fishes fly!

dad gone mad
(this one made my morning 800x better all at once)

the sneeze


kimya dawson loves you
(this one was up yesterday, but i had to go back and look at it again)

confessions of a pioneer woman

garden of eatin

joy nash

and, of course, skull-a-day

ridiculous bounty. i guess my mood will have to improve. actually, it already has.

and check this out - fun times.

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